Monday, April 4, 2011

Honey the Build-A-Bear

Our plans for tonight were the ones that, while you're planning them, you imagine yourself with your happy little family where everyone is smiling, saying "yes ma," and for some reason everything is in black and white... That is until the actual events take place.

After our homemade dinner and the two minute Family Home Evening lesson about chapels and being reverent, we took Morgan to Build-A-Bear thinking we were pretty much the coolest parents in the world. I guess we were imagining Morgan laughing and hugging the bears, trying hard to decide which one she wanted to take home and telling us how she is going to remember this wonderful family moment and never blame us for anything that goes wrong in her life (all in slow motion with sappy music blaring over the speakers, of course).
Well, I guess we should know by now that things don't always (ever) happen as we (at least I) imagine they will. When we got there, Morgan didn't want anything to do with the stuffed animals or the accessories. After trying to get her interested, I finally grabbed six of my favorite stuffed animals and took them to let her decide. She kept saying, "no ha to doggie, no ha to horsie," etc, and would push them away from her. We think "no ha to" means "I don't want to" or "don't have to" or "no I don't," because she says it all the time in moments where those phrases would work.
We tried again to get her to pick out an animal. Nope. I finally picked three and made Tom choose the one we'd get (we do this when choosing restaurants too -- works like a charm) but we ended up switching a couple of times anyway. We are so not decisive when it comes to spending $20 (okay, we're not decisive when it comes to spending $1/2 million either, but at least there's an excuse there). Anyway, we got a bear, picked the music button thing to put in it's hand, got a heart that lub-dubs, and Morgan picked a cute little pink purse. Finally at ten after nine (the mall people hate us) we were out of there with a bear named Honey and a better memory than our Leave It To Beaver night would have been.


Michelle said...

hahah oh kelli .. this is great! you're lucky she didn't want one.. but you guys are awesome and gave her one anyway haha.
Beck diiiiied everytime we'd pass that store we finally got him sleeping in his bed and rewarded him with one.. he chose the panda.... put a star wars song in its hand and named it Yoda..
uhhhh yeah.. who does that? hahah. it was hilarious.
and we brought a stuffed animal from home for arli (that she hadn't seen before) and kinda tricked her into "choosing" that one from the store. haha. oh man.

Amber said...

Things like that always happen to us too! Every time I get so excites about something my kids want nothing to do with it. It was fun to run into you at the mall though :)

Ogden Family said...

Kids are so predictable... or I mean NOT predictable! My kids have only been there a couple of times, but it seems like there are so many decisions to be made, that by the end I am wiped out from stress. Boy aren't family outings fun (;