Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Full Term

I am now 37 weeks and considered full term. Yay! We went to the doctor again today. He said that I am dilated between a 2 and 3 and the baby has started to drop. It could be any day now or in four weeks.

We are supposedly closing on our house tomorrow at 4:30pm and we get the keys on Thursday. The baby has to stay in at least through the weekend so I can clean and get a little bit organized.

I'm getting a haircut tonight. Here are some pics of what I like. We'll see in a couple of hours how it turns out.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Showers Bring May... Babies

We have such a great group of friends here. Yesterday Collette, Russell and Lindsey threw us a baby shower. Collette knew I didn't want the attention to be focused on me so we had a party where the guys were invited too.

We started out with a competition. The guys had a race to see who could eat a bottle of baby food and down a bottle of juice (through the nipple) first. The winner got a prize. Robbie won and Brandon took second. Tom was a close 3rd (maybe). It was so funny because they didn't get the yummy kinds of baby food like bananas and peach cobbler. They got garden vegetables and chicken and vegetables. They were all really good sports.

Everyone who wanted to got to decorate a onesie, then Tom and I judged them. First and second place got a prize. Tom and I also decorated our own. Tom's is the "Made In Idaho" onesie and mine is the tulips (that's about the extent of my drawing abilities).

The winners are "Mommy I have a present for YOU" and "Got Milk?"

We opened gifts then had Blimpie sandwiches, chips, fruit salad and cookies for lunch. It was so well done. Thanks you guys!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tickets and Tulips

Here I am, awake in the middle of the night again. We went to Famous Dave's for dinner and it is taking a while to digest. I probably stuffed too much into a stomach that is already too squished.

We went to our 36 week appointment last Tuesday. Everything is still looking good. I'm dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced, which, I understand, means absolutely nothing.

Here is a picture of me sometime last week (35-36 weeks).

In other news, I got a speeding ticket the last Friday. I was on my way to work Friday (and on time for the first day that week) driving on a 40 MPH road with five lanes... you know, the type that should at least be 50. Anyway, I was going the speed I thought it should be (actually 51) and was the only one within a block. Therefore, the cop pulled me over. I gave him my Utah drivers' license and he gave me a ticket then said, "why don't you have an Idaho license? It's a misdemeanor to not have one." I explained that we don't have an address in Idaho until we close on our house so I can't. Then he told me to "try to have a better day." Thanks bud!

I'm not arguing that I deserve the ticket, I did. I've been speeding every day since we moved here and I finally got one.

When I got to work I called Tom to let him know. I tried to start with the good news that it was only $75 for going 11 over when in Utah it is about double (I think). He was laughing the "I'm a little bummed that the insurance is going to go up" laugh and I started to cry. He felt so bad that he called his mom to ask for advice. She told him to do something to make up for making me feel bad. A couple of hours later I got a bouquet of tulips with a card that read "I found myself speeding to find a way to make you feel better. I hope this is the ticket. Love, Tom." What a sweet heart. It did make me feel better and the clever card made me laugh. Thanks babe!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

35 Weeks

I saw the doctor today. It was the first appointment that Tom couldn't be there (he had some people fly in for a seminar and had to be there). Anyway, I'm 35 weeks along, have gained 31 pounds (I think), am 60% effaced and dilated to a 1.

Yeah, about being dilated... I always knew that they had to check to see how dilated you are but nobody ever told me how painful that is. So if anyone is reading this that has not had a baby and plans to, I'm telling you now, OUCH! The doctor was checking and I was trying to take the pain, then he said, "okay, now I have to push." Holy cow -- I thought that's what he was already doing. Then he pushed and I wanted an epidural just to be checked.

I tried to take some pictures of my belly this morning but none of them turned out good enough to post so I'll have Tom take some soon.

I've been feeling really well. I even jogged up a hill on Saturday because the weather was nice and I was dying to go jogging. I ended up having to walk super slowly back home but it was worth it. I've been getting up every hour or two to pee and find that I'm parched when I wake up so I drink another glass of water every time. My upper back is starting to hurt from trying to hold up my big belly. Hmm, I think that's about it for my symptoms. I'm not swollen anywhere yet.

Sometimes I can only think of the bad things about being super prego so I decided to do a list of things that I love about it. That way maybe I'll do it again some day.

I love...
1. feeling the baby move around.
2. bonding with the baby.
3. loving something I've never seen so much I'd die for it.
4. bonding with Tom when he gets to have moments with the baby (feeling her move, talking to her, etc.).
5. "expectant mothers" parking at some stores.
6. eating anything I want because I'll have to lose the weight anyway.
7. how nice and willing people are to help.
8. reading brainless books and not feeling like I'm wasting time (because "smart" books are too much).
9. being pampered by my husband.
10. shopping for mini clothes and other baby things.