Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a girl... or boy!

After endless weeks of waiting to see the baby through the ultrasound, the day finally arrived. On December 16th we went to St. Lukes. I met Tom there and on the way we were talking on the phone. He told me to stop and get some orange juice because he heard that the baby will move more if you drink orange juice before an ultrasound so we would be more likely to see the gender . Well, unfortunately I was already going to arrive barely on time and didn't want to be late. I couldn't get the orange juice.

We were in the room for an hour looking at the heart, brain, legs, hands, and everything else you can look at. When it came time to see what the gender is, the little cutie pie closed it's legs the whole time. I laid there pushing on my belly and rolling onto my side. I did everything I could think of and that they told me to do. Nope.

Finally the tech was very apologetically sorry but she couldn't find it and we'd have to come back in a couple of weeks. Of course I started crying and she felt so bad she tried again. Nothing. Then she asked another tech to try. The next one got a little picture of what looks like a girl, but still we're not totally sure.

The great news is that the baby looks very healthy and to top it off, we get to go back on New Year's Eve to have another ultrasound.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

House News

Well, the bank accepted our offer on the 5,200 sq ft house. Long story short, we decided not to do it. Why? We realized that we would have to upgrade a lot of things to make it the house we want and in the end, it would cost the same as buying what we want.

So here we are, still renting the preforclosure. Our property management company told us that we can live there for free in January and February, then we get kicked out because it goes to auction in March.

My Cool Sister

My little sister turned 8 on November 21 so my mom planned her baptism for Thanksgiving day so the whole family would be there.

Shyanne is so cute. The week before, she decided she wanted a spotlight video to play while she was getting dressed after getting baptised. Of course, what 8-year-old doesn't?

My mom sent me a bunch of pictures so I quickly put together a montage for her. It was quite the hit.

You can watch on my youtube page

Congrats Shy and happy birthday!


The day Tom and I were leaving to drive to Utah for Thanksgiving, he got a call from a local sporting goods store to say that his gun was in. Of course he wanted to pick it up so I was like, "no problem, 5 extra minutes." Wrong. Having never purchased a gun, I was unaware that the government was involved, and whenever the government gets envolved, things go slow.

Twenty minutes after Tom went in, I called, frustrated. Then thirty minutes, then thirty five... It kept going like that until he was finally done fifty minutes later. Luckily I'm a very patient person (tisk, tisk).

The day after Thanksgiving was the first day he got to use it. We went to a place outside of Lynndyl with my dad, brothers, and sister-in-law. A couple of hours later they were all pretty accurate shooters. Good job guys!

17 Weeks

Wow, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged.

First things first... I'm now 17 weeks pregnant and we find out the gender in two weeks!

Here is a blurry picture of how I look at 17 weeks.

Okay, I didn't think I was showing that much until I saw this picture. Yay!

I've still been listening to the heart beat at least twice a day. I took the Belly Beats to my parents house over Thanksgiving and I think one of my young cousins broke it while they were sneaking in my room. It isn't a functional break but I can't fix it. Grrr. $450.