Friday, July 24, 2009

Morgan Turns 3 Months

Our baby is 3 months old today. I made a little video of her life so far. She is so much fun. I can't get the video to upload on my post so you'll have to go to my link.

Right now she loves to suck on her hand. She sleeps through the night about 50% of the time. She screams when I switch sides when I'm feeding her (poor thing thinks she's going to starve). She recognizes her mommy and daddy. Her eye contact is fantastic. She loves sleeping in her bassinet at night but not during the day. She has been to three states, Utah, Idaho (obviously), and Oregon. She smiles all the time but her moods switch uber fast when she gets sleepy. She likes listening to music. When I have listened to the song on this video for, oh, the past year I couldn't do it without crying. I'm good now though. I think I listened to it enough to numb myself.

Here are some pictures of her today -- her 3rd luniversary (I get corrected if I say anniversary).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Last weekend we visited Tom's sister and her family in Oregon. We left home around 7pm on Thursday, just after Tom got back from Baltimore. It was a long drive of nothingness in the dark until we got to some of the small cities near Portland. Finally we arrived at Mari's around 3am.

Friday we drove to the coast. Morgan saw the ocean for the first time. The weather was so nice. It was only 67 degrees at the coast which was a welcome break from the 95 degrees an hour inland.
On Saturday I got a makeover. I really needed help with my foundation because the colors I have are either too dark or light. I bought some mineral makeup that seems to be my color.

On the way back, we bought a whole lot of fresh, just picked berries so I could make jam. That's what I did for five hours Monday. The end result is delicious!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butcher Knife and Pepper Spray

Sorry, Tom, that I didn't post anything for you last night. There were a few things important enough to tell.

First, Morgan went to her first movie. We saw My Sister's Keeper with Collette. Morgan slept through most of it but woke up with about 30 minutes to go. I took her to the side of the theater and held her. She got hungry so I sneakily fed her. The movie was sad but Morgan distracted me enough that I only cried a few times.

Second, Morgan has had diarrhea for over a week so I tried to give her some Pedialite, but would she take it? No, my friend. She made the disgusted face and wouldn't drink any.

Third, I officially quit my job. The 11 weeks of maternity and bonding are up so my boss had me come in to fill out some resignation papers.

Last but not least, we slept over at Collette's because even with my butcher knife, pepper spray and get-away shoes ready, I was still scared to stay at home alone. We're staying there again tonight.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Goodnight Daddy

Tom is out of town for a few days so he's not home to say goodnight to Morgan and talk about their days. Morgan and I made sure to document our day so Tom wouldn't feel left out. The rest is from Morgan.

Today was a great day. We got to try out the new jogging stroller that mommy was so excited to get. It was super, especially after mommy rolled up all of my blankets and made sure I was snug and comfortable.

The stroller is so cool. I love the outdoors and I didn't even cry.
Mommy made sure that we were safe so she brought a suction bulb in case I choked on my spit up, a phone to call for help, pepper spray to fend off scary animals or people and her keys to lock up the house.

There were lots of things to see along the way, like duckies...

...and cows...
...but I went to sleep, so mommy covered the front with another blanket so the sun wouldn't be in my eyes and the wind wouldn't bother me.
When we got home, mommy mowed the lawn. It didn't make much of a difference though because it was still pretty short.

But boy was I tired.

So I went back to sleep.

I know last week we forgot to take the trash out, so Mommy and I did that today.

Then we got the mail. There was a lot of it but nothing important.

When we were back inside, mommy fed me and had her lunch. Then we watched 24 while we folded clothes.

I sure got tired, so I slept.
When I woke up, Mommy did my hair so we could go out. We went to her friend's house so she could workout. She planned the routine and everyone was shaking when it was over. It was a good workout. I slept most of the time. I woke up while we were in Fred Meyer shopping. Mommy bought something to make me a head band. Mommy forgot to take pictures.

Now we're watching The Sound Of Music. It's a good one to watch while we're home alone because it makes mommy less scared. I haven't seen it yet but I'll probably sleep through it. I am so tired.

I miss and love you daddy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

"I Hate Tummy Time"

If Morgan could speak I'm sure she'd tell me that she likes to lay and kick on her back...
(notice the cute piggy tails)

...and that she hates tummy time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Admit It

I hesitate to post this blog but since it is my blog I can write my opinion without anyone being offended, hopefully.

I watched the Micheal Jackson memorial service today. Well, I had it turned on while I cleaned, fed the baby, myself, etc.

It's interesting how somebody so nonhuman is really a human. While I wasn't that into the people who spoke or sang, I did like some of the songs. I mean really, who doesn't like Micheal Jackson's songs?

If you didn't see it, most of the people who spoke were African American and it seemed like everyone talked about how he was the catalyst for black people to become accepted as media icons in this country. One guy even gave him credit for Obama being the president. Yeah, kind of a stretch.

The saddest was when his daughter wanted to say some impromptu words. She said that he was the best daddy in the world, then started crying and ran into her aunt's arms. Sad.

A few days ago I heard someone (on a clip from Black Entertainment Television, of course) say something to the extent that he was one of "their people" to cross over to gain white fans. I think he did use the words, "our people." Why is it not racist for a black person to say that? Why can there be a Black Entertainment Television without it being racist? Why not a W.E.T. or a Y.E.T. (yellow)? It seems racist to me in an anti non-black way.

I am tired of everyone and everything talking about Micheal Jackson but I am also one of those people who was sucked into the publicity. Too bad he didn't have this much positive publicity before he died. I would have bought a ticket to his concert.

Anyway, I'm not writing this because I loved Micheal Jackson or as a tribute to him. I just want to document some of my thoughts about the event because I think it is one that may go down in history, like the death of Princess Diana.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot Dog Chunks and Grandparents

It was such a fantastic weekend. Tom's mom and step dad came to our house to see Morgan and celebrate the 4th with us.

Tom and I got to go out on a date alone. We went to Red Lobster. We're both suckers for king crab. Later, after running home to check on everyone, we went to the movie. We saw The Proposal and loved it. Betty White is a crack up.

We spent the 4th grooming our yard and straightening our house so everything was ready for our party at 5pm. We can't figure out what's wrong with our grass. It used to be pretty and green.

I put little American flags around the pool.

We opened the pool and had some friends over for a bar-b-que. Everything went very smoothly with the exception of one of the kids choking on the pool water and puking hot dog and cupcake in the pool. It reminded me of one time I was at the Nephi pool and somebody pooped. Everyone had to get out while the pool was being cleaned. As soon as Tom had vacuumed the hot dog and Collette skimmed the top, everyone got back in. No big deal.

When it was starting to get dark we set off fireworks. When those were done we went to Tom's office to watch Boise's main firework show (the office is on a hill and has a great view of Boise).

It was a great weekend! Thanks Nana and Papa for coming. Please come again soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did You Wipe Your Nose?

I'm going blog happy because I take so many pictures. Morgan was in a great mood while I was singing and dancing for her so I took pictures of her smiling.

I have a funny story that happened yesterday afternoon. I'll keep it anonymous so the mother of the person in this story is not embarrassed.

I had a little pool party with my friend and her 2 and a half year old daughter, who I'll call "my little friend." At first, Morgan was asleep in her swing so I got to play with my little friend in the pool. From what I understand, she loves playing with me or at least at my house.

Morgan finally woke up so I brought her outside and fed her. Then I held her for a while. My little friend was saying, "she is so cute," in her little voice for the first little while. Then she started getting jealous because she wasn't getting attention so she got a little rough. Finally, and this is the funny part, she wiped her nose on Morgan's forehead. I was stunned and asked her if she just wiped her nose on Morgan. She got a guilty look and didn't say anything.

While I was inside getting some wipes to clean Morgan's head, my little friend got in trouble by her mom. When I went back outside she told me that she doesn't like Morgan.

It's so funny how little kids think. Obviously she doesn't dislike Morgan for anything Morgan did but because she got in trouble for something she did to Morgan. I love kids!
This picture is to show my progress. I'm finally in my "fat pants."