Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving Again

Gaaahhh!  Why does it take so long for computers to start up?  I've been sitting here forever waiting to write this post.  Speaking of computers.  Mine crashed.  Like, the mother board is dead or something.  So instead of paying to get it fixed, I decided it would be prudent to just buy an iPad.  Yes, I have stepped into the land of the cool people.  My siblings-in-law would be so proud.

Let me tell you something about me and my husband.  We aren't really the most up to date with technological entertainment.  We have never had cable/satellite.  We don't even have the free TV stations.   We do have Netflix though so we can watch last season's shows.  So, that said, buying iPads was kind of a big deal.

Speaking of big deals.  We are moving.  Again.  Here's the story.

Do you remember a while ago when I posted two pictures of houses and asked your opinions about which we should buy?  The older fixer-upper or our former house?  Well, it was unanimous that we should go with the former.  

Did we listen?  Yes... after the offer we made on the first house was accepted and we had to use our mortgage friend resource to help us get out of it.  Tom's boss is the guy who currently owns our former house so we were going to buy it back from him because he bought a bigger and better house for his family (whatev).

This all happened in March.  Then in April one of Tom's business friends called him up and asked him work for him.  After lots of thought and discussion we have decided to take the job in Utah.

So, here we are packing up the house to move again.  This time to Utah.  The great thing is that Tom's current boss loves him so much that he's asked if Tom will consult for him and he has the option of coming back if the Utah job doesn't work out.  I'm excited to live close to my family.  We're sad to leave Tom's sister's family.  I'm thinking we should just have a house in Idaho and one in Utah.  When we're rich.  You know.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Ah man!  I missed posting for all of May.  A lot has happened so I'll just post until I'm all posted out (which may only be one post so I'll try to make this one good).

First, I have to talk about my #1 priority.  Morgan.

This girl makes me laugh every single day.  Multiple times.  She is doing well going potty in the toilet.  Usually the only problem is when I leave her to go by herself.  If it's pee pee she will take all of the toilet paper off the roll and flush it before I even have a clue what she is doing.  I have started taking the toilet paper when I leave her.  When she goes poo poo, she takes about 20 minutes and 3 flushes.  Seriously.  If I think she's done after only 2 flushes I am proven wrong and she has to get back on.  She used to play in the toilet water when I would leave her alone but I probably threatened so many time outs that she got it.  Thank goodness.

She is obsessed with boobies (which makes 3 of us).  We taught her that boys have pecks though so she tells us all the time if someone has boobies or pecks.  The other day I was putting on a swimming suit and she goes, "mommy, you have BIG boobies."  Haha.  Yes.  Only while pregnant or breast feeding.  Anyway, I told her that she has little ones so later she told Tom that she has little boobies.

She sleeps in her own room but wants me to stay with her until she falls asleep because she is scared of the dark.  When I tell her that I need to go to my own bed she says, "please stay, puff puff.  Don't leave, puff puff."  I'm sure she got it from her favorite show, Wonder Pets.

Morgan thinks the new baby will be a girl, but her favorite stuffed animal, Mommy Lamby, thinks it is a boy.

She started swimming lessons and is doing great (well, 2 lessons down).  She is the youngest in her class but she has been around water so much that she is almost at the older kids' level.  I love when she is doing something and looks at me and says, "look, mommy."  Or "that was a big splash."  I just love her guts.
Photo: Pool's open!
When I tell her I love her guts, she says, "I love your guts too."

We have some killer games of duck, duck goose.  It's her new favorite game and we have been playing almost every night.  When I'm it and tag Tom (or visa versa) she gets up and chases us while laughing her head off.

She got her first real hair cut and manicure in May.  She had a great time and chose sparkly pink polish.
Photo: I'm the coolest mom ever. :)

Photo: Morgan's first haircut and mani.

She likes hats and panties.  Sometimes she puts the two together.
Photo: A hat and matching panty outerwear.

She loves salt, just like her momma (but I usually prefer mine on chips at a Mexi restaurant).  
Photo: She is so my girl. Loves her salt.