Friday, April 29, 2011

My Royal Birthday

My birthday has always been a big deal to me. I'm usually not a "princess" type of girl, except when it comes to April 29th (and sometimes the rest of the month before). I should have known something was not right when I learned, months ago, that it was going to host the Royal Wedding as well as Me. There is just not room for two princesses on this day. So, I am officially declaring that my birthday will have to be celebrated on a different day. Here's why...

Last night I get a call from Tom, who's supposed to be on a flight from Atlanta to Denver. "My plane is delayed but I should still be able to catch the connecting flight home." No problem. I get another phone call later saying that the Denver to Boise flight left without him and he wouldn't be home until tomorrow (my birthday!). Okay, still not a huge deal, but I had to cancel my running plans at 8:00 because I wasn't going to take Morgan that early in the morning on one of the coldest April 29ths in history (anywhere). I still could go get my drivers license, lunch, pedicure and dinner.

So Morgan and I picked Tom up at 11:15, went to Tucanos for lunch, then to the DMV. I got the second question on the test wrong so there I was at question number 3 and 50% wrong -- not a good way to start since I'd already not passed the test once (embarrassing, I know). However, I did finish and only missed five (with a seven limit) so I was able to get a new license (good thing too... my UT one expired today). So I paid my dues and went to the blue wall to get my picture taken. I had previously spent an hour getting ready and when I looked in the mirror I thought I looked pretty darn great. Unfortunately the camera didn't think so. The lighting was off and my hair looks like I have a really bad dye job (which isn't true--I have a really good one!).

After the DMV, Tom told me that he had to work. That meant I got to babysit, which meant no pedicure. I was totally bummed. First no exercise then no pedicure... and spending an hour at the DMV wasn't exactly fun. So I stayed home with Morgan for a few hours wallowing in self pity until I decided to take her to the movie. On the way I called my superfriend, Sarah and cried to her (real self pity tears, you know) and felt better when we got to the movie. We went to Rio (which I was expecting to be about a dog -- don't ask me why -- but it was about a bird and birds freak me out so I was okay with leaving after 20 minutes of trying to get Morgan to sit and pay attention). I think it probably would have been a fun movie, but my little girl wasn't cooperating.

We went back home and Tom came out to talk to me but I just started crying again because my day wasn't turning into my Royal day like I wanted it to. Then he felt bad and took Morgan to buy me a present (yeah, we don't really plan ahead with gifts in the Rich household). While they were gone I decided to go running to get the endorphins flowing so I would stop with the self pity. Tom and Morgan got home just after me and Tom surprised me with a mani-pedi tomorrow at the most expensive salon in the county, which I made him cancel (with more tears) and get refunded because 1) I am totally fine paying $25 to the Vietnamese ladies down the street and I'd rather spend the rest of the money on a new wardrobe for him, and 2) because I know he only bought it because he felt bad because I was feeling sorry for myself.

To end the day we were going to go out to eat with our friends but there was a miscommunication about the babysitter so at 5:30 we didn't have one and I was crying again because we couldn't go out to eat (it's totally irrational, I know, but it's MY day -- any other day this would not have been an issue). So Tom and I started calling around and we finally found a girl that could babysit last minute for us and we went out with our friends. It was a great dinner and a positive way to end the day. However, I made Tom wait to give me a present until tomorrow when I'm celebrating 31 with a pedicure.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Book of Mormon in April

Let me tell you about my friend Natalie. I first met her on the day I arrived into the mission field in the Washington DC North mission almost ten years ago (this summer). She is one of those BFF's you can go a year without talking to but when you do talk, nothing has changed between you. She's super spiritual, but not weird (she's very fun and outgoing, in fact). She was what I describe as a "well rounded missionary" (okay, I stole the description from Sister Garff) and she is that way now. She has a husband, three kids, teaches aerobics and has a book club. You know the type.

Anyway, I was reading Natalie's blog last month and she told about how her stake president (or someone to that extent) extended a challenge to their stake to read the entire Book of Mormon in one month. Of course she did it and she wrote about finishing at the end of March. Back up... at the beginning of March/end of February she invited her blog readers to read the BOM with her that month. I wasn't ready for the challenge then. So, back to end of March, it was eating at me. You know, like when you feel like you should share your testimony in church during the entire meeting and end up finally doing it with five minutes to spare.

I decided to take the challenge and do it in April. I started on conference Saturday and knew I would finish when I finished 2nd Nephi later that week, then Alma the next week. I finished reading Moroni today and I can say that I read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon in April of 2011 (the first time to actually finish since my mission). It really is a different book when you read it through that fast. It was amazing to get the entire story that quickly. Granted, I'm not a scriptorian by any means, but I do have a desire to be a better person and I feel closer to my savior. I love this book!

I'm not going to extend a challenge to anyone to do it, but if you are feeling like you aren't as close to Christ as you would like to be (or once were), this is a great way to start.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Morgan's 2nd Birthday

Today we celebrated the two most important occasions for us -- Easter and Morgan's birthday. We were in Utah helping my mom paint her house for spring break, which was also 10 cent hot dog weekend in Delta that now should be called "25 cent hot dog weekend" (they were still good, but not as good as a 10 cent-er). Anyway, Morgan got to play with her aunt and uncle a lot while I got to redecorate Shyanne's room. It was fun (thanks Shy!).

For the Easter/Birthday day we had a visit from the Easter Bunny,
and Easter egg hunt (yes, I know that Easter isn't about the pagan stuff, but it's fun)
and Morgan opened presents from my parents and grand parents.
Then we ate strawberry shortcake after lunch and drove to Salt Lake to see Tom's mom and step dad. We had dinner with them and more presents and strawberry shortcake to celebrate Morgan's birthday before we drove the rest of the way home. Here she is wrapping up her new baby.
Last year I planned a big party for Morgan's first birthday and we went all out. This year we didn't even wrap a present. I learned to save it for when she actually cares about a birthday. She had just as much fun, if not more!

To Morgan


You are my sweet baby girl, but you're not really a baby anymore. You are growing up so quickly and becoming very independent. Lots of moms say they are sad to see their kids grow up so fast. Not me. I am trying to live in the moment with you and you are always so much fun at each stage you conquer.

You are saying so many things. The other day you walked into my bathroom and said, "brr, it's cold in here," which sounded more like "brr, a co n heea." It made me laugh. You make me laugh a lot. At night you tell me "night night mommy" and it melts my heart. You also say "I love you," which sounds a little bit like "Aaa Lo Luuuu." You also talk a lot in words I don't understand, then you throw in a word like "doggy" or "baby." You definitely know what you want and sometimes it is hard for you to not be able to tell me.

We were in Lynndyl for the weekend of your birthday and you started playing aunt Kay's piano and singing "doggy, doggy, doggy" along with the notes. Daddy was with you and you made him very proud. Maybe you'll be a good singer like him when you grow up. And maybe you'll play the piano too. I would like that. I used to take piano lessons but I didn't practice enough so I'm not as good as I'd like to be. Maybe you will be better than I am. But if you want to do something else, that is okay too. I love you no matter what.

You are still little for your age, but you are as active as any kid I've ever known. You run everywhere you go. You get excited to go shopping with me but you hate sitting in the cart. You cry and cry until I get you out. Then you want to run all over the store. Sometimes I get frustrated because I want to hurry and get the stuff we need instead of run after you, but I love that you like to run. I like to run too (just not as often as you).

Your favorite movie right now is Tangled. You love to sing along to the songs and you really like the horse. You are not like Rapunzel though. You never would have stayed in the tower for so many years. You never would have allowed yourself to be confined in such small quarters. I think you would have figured out a way out by the time you could walk.

You are in the nursery at church and I think you'd do well now by yourself (it took a while) but I am the nursery teacher so we don't get to try that yet. You did go to nursery by yourself at grandma's ward and you did very well until the end when someone opened the door to get their little kid and you took off. Daddy found you crying at the other end of the hall because you didn't see any familiar faces.

Sometimes you like to eat and sometimes you don't. It's pretty hit or miss with you. And the foods you'll eat are also hit and miss. We're usually successful with pizza, mac and cheese, or hot dogs (typical kid food that I swore I wouldn't feed you regularly -- things change). You know the names of water, juice, milk, and everything else is Coke, thanks to Nana. She drinks Coke all the time and you love when she shares with you. I don't mind either.

You say "bye" to things when it is time to go. For example, when we go to the park, you always say "bye slide, bye swings, bye park." The other day we were leaving Lowes and you said, "bye shopping." It made grandma laugh (me too but I'd heard you say it before). She was with us.

You don't have a favorite toy, blanket, pillow, or anything. You have your binky to sleep with (and we are working on only using it while you sleep) and that is all that you need. You actually have a few of them and you like to suck one and hold the rest. Sometimes you push one against your eye. It seems to comfort you for some reason. You do like wrapping your babies in their blankets and putting them "night night." You also like to play with your blocks, stuffed dogs and bear. You like pushing all of them in the stroller or your play grocery cart. And you are enamored by bikes (big kid bikes). Some day we will get you one. For now you like to play with the trike we got for your birthday.

You give me lots of hugs and say "hold me" or "hold you" when you want me to pick you up. I love it. I hope you always like to give me hugs.

I am so blessed to be your mommy and I thank Heavenly Father every day for you. I hope I can be a good example for you and that you grow up to be a nice and happy person. I love you so much, Morgan.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morgan Loves Tangled

Morgan's new favorite show is Tangled. She loves to sing along to the songs. Here's her grand finale of When Will My Life Begin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just a Journal Entry

You know, Wilford Woodruff wrote in his journal every day so he would have a record of the proceedings of that day. Inspiring. If I wrote in my journal (blog) every day, I'd lose my readers because one can only read that I exercised, read, watched Finding Nemo, painted a picture frame, made dinner and went to bed so many times. However, I do like to keep a record of the important things in my life, or at least what I think is important. I wanted to jot down a couple of things before I forget.

Sunday the 10th was a special day for us. We made it through the entire sacrament meeting at church without having to leave our bench to take Morgan out. We were that prepared. It's all about bringing books, crayons, water, snacks, and toys. I understand that now! Yeah for this epic milestone!

That same day, Morgan and Tom were playing on the bed. She would prop a pillow up next to him so she couldn't see his face, then she would ask, "where daddy?" This is really the first time she has done it as a game versus really wanting to know where something is. It melted my heart to watch them play.

Last, but not least, for this entry, I wanted to give an update on my new years resolution of reading the Bible cover to cover. Well, I made it to Numbers in February and I'm still in Numbers. Same page. It's a really hard part of the Bible for me to get past. So anyway, I still want to do it, but it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Then I made a new goal after this last General Conference. If you're not from Meridian, Idaho you might not remember but there was an announcement made that there will be a new temple built in Meridian. I'm so excited! Then I realized that I have no right to be so excited if I'm not taking advantage of the Boise temple that is ten minutes away. So I decided that I (accompanied by Tom) will be attending once a month. Not hard, but better than I have been doing. So let it be written...

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Newest "Before" Picture

Look at my new project!!!
Pretty soon it will make a statement.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Honey the Build-A-Bear

Our plans for tonight were the ones that, while you're planning them, you imagine yourself with your happy little family where everyone is smiling, saying "yes ma," and for some reason everything is in black and white... That is until the actual events take place.

After our homemade dinner and the two minute Family Home Evening lesson about chapels and being reverent, we took Morgan to Build-A-Bear thinking we were pretty much the coolest parents in the world. I guess we were imagining Morgan laughing and hugging the bears, trying hard to decide which one she wanted to take home and telling us how she is going to remember this wonderful family moment and never blame us for anything that goes wrong in her life (all in slow motion with sappy music blaring over the speakers, of course).
Well, I guess we should know by now that things don't always (ever) happen as we (at least I) imagine they will. When we got there, Morgan didn't want anything to do with the stuffed animals or the accessories. After trying to get her interested, I finally grabbed six of my favorite stuffed animals and took them to let her decide. She kept saying, "no ha to doggie, no ha to horsie," etc, and would push them away from her. We think "no ha to" means "I don't want to" or "don't have to" or "no I don't," because she says it all the time in moments where those phrases would work.
We tried again to get her to pick out an animal. Nope. I finally picked three and made Tom choose the one we'd get (we do this when choosing restaurants too -- works like a charm) but we ended up switching a couple of times anyway. We are so not decisive when it comes to spending $20 (okay, we're not decisive when it comes to spending $1/2 million either, but at least there's an excuse there). Anyway, we got a bear, picked the music button thing to put in it's hand, got a heart that lub-dubs, and Morgan picked a cute little pink purse. Finally at ten after nine (the mall people hate us) we were out of there with a bear named Honey and a better memory than our Leave It To Beaver night would have been.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun Times With Morgan

I really love how independent M is becoming. She is happy to play in (drive) the car while I clean the garage, play with her babies and doggies, make up all sorts of things to do with the laundry basket (like play in it or pretend it is a hat), and wear daddy's shoes. Love her. And LOVE the "me" time she lets me have now.