Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poll Update

Thanks to everyone who voted on the baby girl name in my poll. Here are the results from the 71 voters.

Which name do you prefer?
35% Sophie
35% Isabella Claire
24% Madison Kennedy
4% Madison Isabella
1% Cameron Isabella

I'll let you know what we have decided...

I picked the name "Isabella Claire" as my favorite. Tom loves "Madison Kennedy." After a lot of discussion, we started calling her Morgan Olivia. Yeah, a name that is not even on the poll list. Even though Madison is a cute name, I decided against it because it is so popular now. Tom decided against Isabella (almost as popular as Madison) because he thinks that everyone will think we named her after the girl in Twilight.

Anyway, things may change again but that's where we're at now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Cars

Tom and I have been saving our money for a while so that we could both get new cars without taking out loans for them. After two years of looking for a car to replace my 1999 Pontiac Grand AM with almost 140k miles, I finally found it. I swear I test drove everything in Boise but the car that I chose is a black 2007 Suzuki XL7 -- definately a mommy car but I absolutely love it!

It was both a sad and happy time for Tom late last month when he traded in his fun car for his family car. He found a 2006 Acura TSX (also black) with only 3700 miles so it is pretty much new for the price of used!
He misses his little Audi with all wheel drive. I know he'll miss it in the summer when he can't put the top down on the Acura but hopefully he will be too excited to have a daughter to think about it.
Thanks Tom for all the wheeling-and-dealing that was done while I hid in the bathroom to avoid confrontation with the salesmen.

Monday, January 19, 2009

15 Pounds

Last month at my doctor's appointment I had gained 7 pounds. I thought, "not bad... just below average." That was until last week at my appointment. I have gained a total of 15 pounds. Yes, over Christmas I more than doubled what I had gained before. I can actually see my face getting fatter and my chin doubling. It sure was yummy though.

Here is a picture of me at 23 weeks. It's a horrible picture but I made Tom take it just before my 6 am gym class so I was lucky to be awake.

This is a picture of me this morning. I decided the other one was so bad I needed a picture of me with makeup on.

Friday, January 2, 2009

It really is a girl!

I love rescheduled ultrasounds! Today Tom and I got to see the baby again. The doctor wanted to see a few more things that they couldn't see the last time.

To make a good day even better, there was absolutely nobody in the waiting room when we got there. The baby was moving like crazy but they were able to see the heart, lips, profile, and finally a 90% sure gender. At first SHE was hiding again. This time she was sitting Indian-style so her feet were covering her pelvis. The tech had me move around enough to get her to squirm and move. She saw the tale-tale three lines and never saw an additional stick-like bump. That is how she got the 90% conclusion. By the end, Tom said, "well, I hope it is a girl because if it's a boy, he'll have a rough time in the locker room."

I really really loved seeing my little girl (if it turns out to be a boy I'll have to change this post). She is SO cute! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom. Sure, I'm starting to ache when I sleep and exercise... and just sit there, but seeing her is worth it. I can't wait for May!