Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Disneyland Again

We are so lucky that the Jensen's invite us to do Disney things with them.  That made it so we could go to Disneyland again within 8 months of the last time.

Getting ready

Mari's bathroom had a TV in the mirror.

Upon arrival.

In line with cousins.


The Jensens

Face Painting

We ran into Tiana right when she started her meet-and-greet.

Breakfast with the characters.

The Little Mermaid ride.

Tower of Terror


Soph got so sick.  Poor baby.  I took Tom to the airport Wednesday night and got back to her sleeping in throw up.  Then she started throwing up again.  It happened about every 30 minutes that night. 

So we went on the Little Mermaid ride a lot the next day.

Morgan took care of her baby.

I threw up that night.  Morgan threw up at the airport the next morning.  Then everyone else got it and had their turn.  It was a bad ending to a good trip.