Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mommy-Daughter Ski Date (From H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks)

I'm a real estate agent.  Well, I technically am a real estate agent.  That means that I pay all the fees (a small fortune) with full intent on doing something with it besides buy my own house.  I get bombarded with emails from my agency.  One of those emails was an invitation to go skiing at Bogus Basin for a group discount.  Since I didn't get to see Morgan ski a few weeks ago when we went to McCall I decided to take her then.  

We rented our gear in the city and drove the never-ending switchbacks to the top of the only mountain in Boise that has snow.  Morgan is really sensitive to motion so I was worried about her throwing up the whole time.  Plus it was snowing and the roads were not completely safe.  

When we got to the lodge we ran to the bathroom then bought our ticket (Morgan is free) to ski.  We started on the magic carpet lifts where I found out that it's really hard for her to get her feet to know the difference between French fries and a pizza slice.  When she did snow plow (pizza slice), it really didn't help.

We did that a couple of times and then took the lift to the top of the "coach" hill.  When she got off the lift she French fried right down to the edge of a cliff and I was yelling "pizza slice" and she was still French frying and I was freaking out thinking she was going to go off the cliff to a lot harder of hill and probably hit a tree or slice her bum with her ski (like my little brother did) and I couldn't catch up to her.  Finally I yelled for her to fall down and she did.  

After that I figured out a way to control her by having her put the ends of my poles under her arms and hold on.  I wanted her to learn how to ski and love it so we could bond and stuff but she kept telling me how much it wasn't fun and she didn't like it.  

Then we were both frustrated.  

We had about 30 minutes before the company pizza party so I wanted to force her to go down a few more times.  We got back in the "coach" lift line and when the chair swung around to get us somehow Morgan's ski got caught and all of the sudden we were in the air with 3 skis, 3 boots, and a little foot with a pink sock.  Her ski and boot were still in line.  I still don't know how it happened.  So the attendant stopped the lift and handed me the ski.  We continued up the hill and when we were getting off I had to pull Morgan off of the chair.  There I was, skiing down the hill holding a ski and boot and pulling my crying daughter at the same time.  

We put her ski back on and she told me she just wanted to play in the snow.  I told her to ski over to the fresh snow and she could.  We got there and she fell down on purpose, which she was doing the entire freaking time.  Here's a picture of that.  

Playing in the snow wasn't working out so I told her we would ski down and we could be done, then she could play in the snow at the bottom.

It took us a while to get her up, then I didn't know that my poles were caught and somehow we both ended up falling and I swore and she said "sorry momma" and I felt like a horrible mom.  Then I ended up getting up but skiing about 30 feet down and she was still sitting there so I had to walk back up (with my skis on!) to help her.

Finally we got to the bottom, went to the bathroom, and packed up our stuff to walk back to the car.  I was sweating and my shirt was soaked.  I asked Morgan to carry my keys and a hat and follow me.  It had been so warm that week that the snow at the bottom was melting and there was a lot of slush, especially in one area by the ski patrol trailer.

I walked through the slush and about 10 more steps then I looked back to see Morgan up to her neck in slush and water!  I walked back to her and pulled her out.  When I asked what happened she told me that she thought the puddle under the ski patrol deck was ice.  She still had a hold of my keys and the hat.  Hahaha!

I stripped her jacket off and gave her mine.  Luckily her ski bibs kept her mostly dry but I was so sweaty that my shirt was wet so it looked like I was the one that fell in the water.

We eventually made it to the car and got our pizza and drove home.  It was an uneventful ending and we were both very happy about that.

I think next time I'm going to put her in lessons