Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was the first time we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our own house.  Morgan was so excited for Santa to come.  We were all lying in her bed and she kept saying, "eeeeeek, I'm so excited!  Say it with me... Eeeeeeek."

The girls got new jammies.

Apples for Santa's reindeer. 

Santa came!
Photo: Santa came to our house.

Mo got a new pink bike from Santa, a pink scooter from us, a bunch of clothes, books, toys, games, and a car thingy from my mom.  Lots of modes of transportation and she is so excited.

When she was taking things out of her stocking from Santa she pulled out a pair of slippers and said, "Shoes!... From the store."  Haha.  Oops, Santa.

Riding the new pink scooter at grandma's town hall because it was too cold outside.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Need A Miracle

On Christmas Eve we went to Cafe Rio for lunch and saw a man with a sign that said "I need a miracle."  It was the second time I'd seen him and I wanted to do something to help him out.  We drove by and noticed that he didn't have gloves on.  I randomly had a pair of gloves on my floor so we turned around and tried to give them to him.  He thanked us and declined.  He already had gloves but didn't want to wear them because the make him "colder."  Nice.  It's all about marketing and not having gloves sure made him look pathetic and needy.  And that's why I don't give cash to panhandlers.  I'm happy to give water, Goldfish, gloves, or whatever else I have, but not money.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just Planning A Wedding

Remember the part in Father of the Bride where the daughter tells the dad that she's getting married and he imagines it's his little girl telling him?  Yesterday as Morgan and I were driving home she said, "you're married, huh mom?"  I told her that yes, daddy and I are married.  Then she said, "I"m going to marry Jace... or Ransom."  (Jace from gymnastics or Ransom from school -- she likes to put on makeup and show both of them).  I asked her what she was going to do when she's married.  She thought for a second and replied, "just a pink dress and pink shoes."

I am so lucky to be this girl's mommy!  And one day (in like 23 years) I will be the proudest mom when she gets married.

These pictures are of the first time she pretended to be getting married (right after we moved back to Utah).  She had just picked the flowers in our landscaping and had a dirty face.  It makes me want to cry thinking about how grown up she is becoming.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My kids are always in my thoughts.  Always.  But things have been extra tender since Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I just couldn't imagine.  So in the middle of the night when Sophie is awake for 2 1/2 hours crying or wanting to cuddle, I cry or cuddle with her.  I am so grateful that I am up in the middle of the night because that means I have a baby to be up with.  I am so grateful for the little 3-year-old who wakes me up in the morning without nearly enough sleep because that means that she is here with me.  Nobody knows what is going to happen next week, tomorrow, or in the next 5 minutes so I am trying to take advantage of every second I have with them, even if it means watching My Little Pony while I blog or playing Barbies while I try to feed a baby.

Morgan and Sophie, I love you both so much.  You are my heart.

Frontrunner and Temple Square

We have been trying to do something to get ready for Christmas every day.  On Saturday we rode Fruntrunner to Temple Square to see the lights and nativity.  I think Morgan had a good time.  Sophie slept almost the entire time, thank goodness.  It seems like we traveled for 2 hours round trip with a small 15 minute break for Temple Square and another 15 minute break so I could feed Sophie in the Nordstrom women's lounge (so nice, btw -- I want their chairs).  

Will I do it again?  Probably not.  I'm not big on public transportation that costs more than driving my own car.  Besides, there is always someone that stinks and I can't hold my breath for 2 hours.

Photo: Waiting for Frontrunner.


Morgan wanted to watch Bratz and I told her it was too big for her.  In a whiny voice she said, "it's not too big!  I'm big.  I'm a big sister.  I'm a big sister!  It's not too big."  Ha!  She got to watch Curious George instead.

Santa lives at the North Cold.

Instead of "need" she says "meed."  "I meed a drink" or "Daddy meeds to go to work."

I got this brochure from my chiropractor and Mo asked if it was me.  When I told her it wasn't she said, "oh, what's her name?"  Then Tom told her it was Sally and she said, "is she your friend?"
It kind of does look like me (aged about 20 years).

Every night she chooses a "special helper" to help her get ready for bed and to lie down by her for a while.  A lot of those nights she has to tell us a secret.  The secret is always, "I have to go to my grandma's house."

Once she told me she was hungry and wanted a popsicle.  I told her that she needed to eat food first because we don't eat popsicles when we're hungry.  Now she will say, "I'm not hungry.  I want a popsicle."

Five is her holy grail of numbers.  She asked when Meg and Tanner were coming and I said after new years.  She said, "how about five years."

When I get "mad" at her for doing something she will apologize and then do it again.  We were in the car and she was kicking my seat.  I told her to stop.  She said sorry, then started kicking again.  She did that the whole way home from school.  Kick, "sorry," kick, "sorry," kick, "sorry."

She had Tom make ghost noises and actions with her, then she paused and said, "we're holy ghosts."

We decided to make cookies one day and instead of gingerbread men or candy canes, Mo decided she wanted pink bats.  Here are some of her festive gingerbread bats.
Photo: Nothing says merry Christmas like gingerbread bats. Morgan's choice.