Sunday, June 9, 2013

Disney Vacation: Finale

Disneyland/California Adventure day 2 was another fun and full day.

We got to see Tinkerbell and another fairy that I don't know.  We waited in line a long time so we got a whole bunch of pictures... Enjoy!

Tinkerbell was the best character with Mo.  She talked to her and asked questions.  She did a great job.

We also got to meet other princesses and get their autographs.

And right after we met princesses in Disneyland we booked it to California Adventure to Ariel's Grotto for lunch with the princesses.  It was so worth the money!

Then we went to Cars Land and met Mater.

Then Lightening McQueen came out.  He is who Morgan has been talking about for months.  She told me (and everyone else for the past 3 months) that she was going to sing We Are Never Getting Back Together to him.

Oh my goodness she was excited.

It was magical.  And she got to sing her song to him.

Morgan got to watch a Beauty and the Beast play with Emery.

We met new friends in line for Finding Nemo submarines.

To finish the night we watched World of Color.  I was mad because I waited for 40 minutes for Tom in the middle of nowhere (without knowing where he was) so I took Sophie back to the hotel a few minutes early.  We were tired anyway.

When we woke up the next morning we drove home in one stretch (with a couple of stops).  Fun vacation!

Disney Vacation: Part 6

Our first Disneyland/California Adventure day!  The girls were excited when they woke up.

They held hands into the park.

The first thing we did was get fast passes to the Cars ride and Tower of Terror. Then we went to a cute thing called Turtle Talk with Crush until our Tower of Terror fast passes were ready.

Morgan was just barely tall enough to go on it (thanks to the wedges I made her wear).  She was so excited to go on a big person ride.

Nick, Mo, Shy, Tom, Me

Getting excited.

Still excited.

The little girl in the back row, second on the left.  She didn't think it was so cool.  In fact, I think she said it was "dangerous and not fun."  But she brags about it now to everyone she talks to.  I'm so glad she went on it with us.

Then we met Jesse from Toy Story.

Sophie fell asleep.  I love this.  She never falls asleep on me unless I'm feeding her.

We walked from California Adventure to Disneyland and some girls stopped us to tell us that we had the cutest kids and they gave us this headband.

The parade was just starting when we got there so we were able to watch that.  Morgan was so excited to see all of the characters.  It literally made my heart hurt watching her.  Props to Disney.

We met Flynn Rider.  He kept Morgan entertained until Rapunzel was finished trying to get the little girl in front of us to talk to her, which took forever and I was all like "hurry it up Rapunzel, we have fast passes in Cars Land that are open now."

This is how Morgan was with Flynn most of the time.  She just stared straight ahead.

When Rapunzel came, Mo showed her her braid that was just like Rapunzel's.  She was so excited.

We made it on the Cars ride and had a fun time.

This is on Screamin'.

We ate at Blue Bayou on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride then watched the fireworks and went on Pirates before we went back to the hotel.

Disney Vacation: Part 5

Sea World was so fun.  We could have spent 2 days there but we only had one.  We started with rides.  Mo always wanted to go with Shyanne or Grandma.

Soph just drank some water.

We watched the fun water shows.

Morgan was scared because we were sitting in the "soak zone."

Then she relaxed a little and enjoyed the show.

And she decided to go down to the front of the "soak zone" so she would for sure get wet, which she loved.

We ended the day with more rides.