Friday, November 30, 2012

Sophie's Newborn Pics

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Thanksgiving was very nice and low key this year.  Sophie was only 6 days old so we had it at our house with Ron and JoAnn, my mom and dad, Nick, Carly, Emery, Jackson and Shyanne.  Everyone had to have their pertussis shots before they were officially invited and they were all good sports.  Thanks everyone.

My mom, Carly, Shyanne, and I got to go to Breaking Dawn 2 later in the afternoon and Tom went Black Friday shopping at Walmart that evening.  He went an hour and a half early and was 6th in line to get 1 of 8 play kitchens (birthday present for Mo).  He said that people were complaining to the employees that the first 8 people surrounded the kitchens to block everyone else.  Like they would get one if there was an actual line or ticket option.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Baby Story

Sophia Gabrielle
November 16, 2012

The last weekend in October Tom was in Idaho for our niece's baptism.  That Saturday night at 2:30 I started having contractions.  I was around 36 weeks pregnant and ready to be done but I didn't want it to happen while Tom was gone.  The contractions were lasting about a minute and were 2-8 minutes apart, but not strong.  They stopped after about an hour so I went to sleep.  For the next three weeks I had contractions off and on.  One day I had them for 14 hours, 5 minutes apart.  That was the Sunday before the presidential election and by Tuesday I was so frustrated and disheartened.  Then when Obama won again I just couldn't take it.  I cried myself to sleep (mostly because I was still pregnant).  

I was dilated to a 3 for 3 weeks.  Finally I got my membranes stripped the Monday after I was 38 weeks.  I had cramps and more contractions but nothing real.  I decided to go in again on Thursday and have them stripped again.  

1:15 AM, November 16, 2012 -- That night I woke up at 1:15 AM having more contractions.  I was sure that they were nothing so I decided to watch Army Wives and see if they went away.  They didn't so I hopped in the shower then did my hair and makeup (just in case it was real).  Then they started getting harder.  

3:15 AM --  I woke Tom up and called the doctor to see what he thought.  He said I could probably wait a little longer -- until I couldn't walk or talk through the contractions. 

3:30 AM -- I told Tom he better shower and get ready because it was really hurting.  We were weary to go because that would mean that we had to wake up our neighbor to watch Morgan.  

3:45 AM -- Tom took Morgan to our neighbor's (Carolyn) house.  She asked, "daddy, where are we going" and she was completely happy when he told her.  She loves going to their house.  We got in the car and Tom asked if he should speed.  I said no because if we got pulled over it would just take longer.

3:55 AM -- Tom stopped at a stop light.  Me: "Why are you stopping?!  Just run it!!!"  Followed by some choice words.  Tom:  "But the camera will take a picture and send us a ticket."  Me:  "I don't care!"  Tom: "I'll turn right then do a U-turn."  Me: "Just GO!"  Followed by more choice words.

4:00 AM -- I got to labor and delivery and they put me in a triage room and had me change my clothes.  I noticed there was a lot of blood on my pants.

4:03 AM -- A nurse checked me and I was at a 4.  Then she said, "that's a little more blood than we like to see."  Super.  I was going to die.

4:04 AM -- Me: "I need an epidural."  Nurse: "He's on call so he'll be here in 20 minutes."  And I probably said more choice words.  

4:05 AM -- I had to go to the bathroom but they wouldn't let me.  They said it was probably pressure from the baby.  I was sure that it was not.

4:10 AM -- By then the contractions were way above my pain tolerance.  Tom would try to hold my hand or rub my arm and I would just pull away and tell him not to touch me.  He was also trying to be funny so I had to tell him that he wasn't and to stop it.  Yeah, I'm not so nice in labor.  

4:30 AM -- Another nurse checked me and I was at a 5 or something.  They took me to a delivery room.  Side note: by this time at least 5 different people had had their hands in my vagina that week.  Awesome.

4:40 AM --  The CRNA arrived and gave me my epidural, which will turn out to be the best $1000 per half hour that I would spend.  

4:50 AM -- The epidural kicked in fully and I could relax a little.  My body was shaking uncontrollably and the pressure from the baby was intense.  The nurse checked again and I was at a 7.

5:15 AM -- I pooped (TMI? Maybe, but if it is you shouldn't go running with me ever).  I was so mad.  I told them I had to and now I couldn't do anything but let them clean it up.  

5:20 AM -- The doctor came in and got ready for delivery.  

5:25 AM -- He broke my water and told me to do 2 practice pushes.

5:29 AM -- After 3 more "real" pushes Sophia Gabrielle Rich (Sophie) was born.  6 pounds, 11 ounces.  18 inches long.

She is such a sweet baby and her big sister is absolutely in love with her... just like her daddy and I are.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just a Quick Bath

Whenever Mo goes potty by herself she gets into some kind of mischief in the bathroom when she's done.  This time she decided to give herself a bath.  In the sink.  With her toothbrush.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Big Snow

It snowed!  Morgan was so excited to play in it.  Daddy took her out to build a snowman while big, pregnant mommy stayed inside and watched.  

Then she decided to eat it before she pushed it over.  


Morgan was so excited for Halloween this year.  In June I asked her what she wanted to be and we decided on Ming Ming Duckling from The Wonder Pets.  Of course she changed her mind the week before Halloween and wanted to be a Lady Royal from Barbie's Princess Charm School but I just told her it would make me feel bad if she didn't wear the costume that took me so long to make and my poor parenting guilt trip worked.  She decided that she wanted to be Ming Ming and was very proud to show off her costume at school.

They had a little party and we brought applesauce and string cheese to give to all the kids.  Then she went trick or treating that evening and got tons of candy that I have already eaten.  She keeps talking about how great the day was and asking us if we are going to dress up for Halloween when we are kids.  I love my Ming Ming.