Sunday, October 31, 2010

Utah Trip

Morgan and I had the chance to visit family in Utah while Tom went to Baltimore for work earlier this month. She got to play with the kitties at her great grandma's house, play the piano, read stories with Grandpa, go for a ride on the bus with Grandma (and now "bus" is her favorite word and she points out every bus and big truck as a bus), go to the Haunted Village at Pioneer Village, and to Hogle zoo with Nana. We had a really good time and loved seeing everyone.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fashion Designer (or so I like to think)

I've been on this crafty streak and decided to make M some skirts to go with a couple of bows that I made. I have no patterns besides her other skirts (one that is 3-6 months) that I love so I looked at them and went to town. This is how they turned out.

18 Month Stats

At 18 months, Morgan has dropped to the 3rd percentile in weight (she barely weighs 20lbs and that was with a not totally dry diaper). She is 10% in height and her head remains at 75%.


I love the guts out of this little girl. She cracks me up and reminds me of... me! When I was little I was grossed out by hairs that were not attached to a body -- like I'd scream for my mom to get a hair off me when I was in the shower and the hair was on my hand. Instead of screaming, when Morgan finds a hair she brings it to me and says "chay-choo," which translates to "thank you."

She loves helping me unload the dishwasher, the silverware being her expertise. She hands them to me one at a time and says "chay-choo" with each one.

We signed up this summer to receive a weekly half share of crop from a local farmer (which I'm super glad is over -- you wouldn't believe how hard it is to remember that it's Tuesday night and you have to pick up your bag). Anyway, the last week they had a pumpkin patch for us to pick out a pumpkin. Tom picked ours out so M and I took pictures.

It might look like she has jaundice in this picture but actually this is what happens when I let her feed herself Spaghetti O's.

Tom's going to be mad at this because he doesn't like her to play in the drawers but I thought it was amusing.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Check on the New Years Resolutions List

One of my New Years resolutions was to buy clearance coats and donate them. A couple of weeks ago we finalized that goal by giving them to the Meridian School District. It took me forever to find but they were so grateful. Here are a couple of pictures of Morgan with the coats.

Morgan Progress

Morgan is talking so well. She can say tons of words -- so many I can't keep track of the count. She says her name (Morgie, which we try not to call her because we don't love it as a nickname). She can also tell me when she pooped so I bought her a potty yesterday and she is having a blast sitting on it.

She loves playing with her friends and gets so excited if we are going to babysit someone.
We sometimes go see the horsies (or neigh neigh's) or cows or whatever other animal we can find around town. Morgan loves animals. She also points to every airplane she can see.

This is such a fun stage and even though there are some frustrating times (like around 6 o'clock) I love love love it!

Pirates Cove

What to say about Pirates Cove this year...

Here is a link to cool video to see what it actually is.

We went because the place Tom works rents it for a week for a conference for their high paying clients and families are invited to go. It is full of swimming pools, stairs and fire pits -- just where a mom with a toddler wants to watch their kid for a week. It felt slightly like I would imagine prison with a toddler to feel. I was on guard all waking hours! Lets just say that by Wednesday I was ready to go home (but still had another four days).
When you think of mid September, doesn't nice fall weather come to mind? Well, don't let that fool you in Vegas. The days were up to 105 degrees so I couldn't really take Morgan on a walk or run during the day. We had to go at 7am when it was only 85 degrees.
Morgan had fun (and therefore I had fun) for the first couple of days. She is not scared of the water at all. It was fun to watch her go down the big slide and jump off the cliffs. The problem with not being afraid is that she wanted to go deeper and deeper without her life jacket. And the problem with that is that when she did fall over, she was under the water and couldn't get up. I totally see how kids drown while their parents are right there. It's not like they flail their arms and scream and stuff. They just go under and look up and inhale water.
When I did put her life jacket on she stood there and said, "ow, ow, ow," and wanted it off. We finally compromised with water wings thanks to another family that was there and let us borrow them.
Morgan can hold her breath for a second under water and when I ask her if she wants to go under, she closes her eyes and mouth.

Probably my favorite part was getting to see my good friend Kim and her family that live in Las Vegas. Thanks for coming, Kim!

Remember the saying, "don't mix business with pleasure?" Well, Pirates Cove week was a testament to that. Everyone seemed to be mad at someone and apparently I was the one people were mad at most.

For many reasons I don't think I'll go back. If I forget about this year and end up going next year, it will only be for a few days. And who wants to buy a plane ticket for just a few days?