Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boise Zoo

Since Tom and I went to the Colorado Springs zoo without Morgan we decided to take her to the Boise zoo.  

We took a conservation boat ride that lasted 5 minutes (perfect amount of time).

Of all things, M liked these metal elephants that sprayed water the best.

Home Staging

I got to go to Colorado Springs for home staging trainer training at the beginning of this month.  Tom came for the last few days, one of which was his birthday.  We had a great time but my camera battery died the first time I tried to turn it on so I got zero pictures.  I stole this one from another girl that was there.  This is a picture of the Garden of the Gods park from the country club we were at for training.  It was so pretty.

Tom flew in on his birthday and it was so windy that his plane couldn't land in Denver so they had to go to Laramie, Wyoming.  He thought he would be spending his birthday night there but they ended up being able to go back to Denver and he made it to Colorado Springs so we got to eat his birthday cake together (okay, I had a piece first -- What?  I didn't want it to not be eaten on his birthday!).

We got to spend time with our good friends, Pete and Karen, and we went to the zoo.  I was in heels and they were hurting my feet prior to going so we only spent an hour there but it was a lot of fun.

Last thing...  We were in the Ross/Chipotle parking lot and saw a fox walk up to a car like it was a tame cat.  It was kind of cool.

Keeping M Entertained

Ugh.  I'm so behind with this blog.  But I update every day at The Turquoise Piano!  So go there if you want to know what's going on.

That said, here are some things that we do to stay entertained during the day.

M begs to go see daddy in his office so when he is available he lets us in.  She always asks to watch "Twinkle Stars" on Youtube.

On one of our walks to see the chickens I taught her how to play hide and seek.  Didn't she find a great hiding place?

She stands on the fence to see the chickens so they don't get her.

Then she runs on the barn porch.  It pretty much happens every time we go there.

This is after a crazy day of farm play.  What a cutie!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have so much to update but I'm overwhelmed with the task so I'm just going to post a little snippet of our day.

I put M to bed tonight and she kept crying saying that the dog was going to get Kevin, except I couldn't understand what she was saying.  I thought she was talking about daddy and not doggies.  Then I thought she wanted her stuffed dogs.  Finally I made her say it again and I understood.

What does that mean?  We were watching Up today and the dogs in the movie are trying to find the bird, Kevin.  Apparently it stressed her out.

I also took her to the library, the school playground, and taught her how to roll down a grassy hill today.  It was a pretty great day.  I was worried because we had already watched a movie and made cookies by 10:45 and I was wondering what we would do with the rest of the day.