Sunday, September 16, 2012


30 Weeks Pic

Same outfit.  Different month.

24 weeks 2 days

30 weeks 2 days

I'm desperately trying to fit in to these pre-prego jeans (albeit, fat pants) my entire pregnancy.  I have to wear the cardi so you don't see that ridiculous muffin top!

Grocery Shopper

Morgan hates grocery shopping unless she can have her own cart.  The only problem is that she thinks she needs everything at eye level (hence the 2 liter of Coke in the cart -- that we didn't buy).  And she stops to look at everything.  It's fun though and I appreciate that she is having a good time.

Hogle Zoo

We had the best Saturday!  It all started at the zoo and Morgan had a fantastic time until some kid stepped on her hand.  

Here is the first picture we have of Morgan and Sophie.  Was that a name reveal?  Well, as always, things are never final until they're on a paper with the government.

How many pictures does it take to get a smile?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Morgan says and does the funniest things.  Yesterday we were eating dinner and she said to Tom, "Mommy's pee pee hurts.  Should we kiss it better?"  (Pregnancy side effects.)  Apparently I tell my 3 year old too much.

This morning I was round brushing her hair and she started screaming (she's not a big fan of the blow dryer or round brush).  I thought that maybe it was too hot but I had been trying get only the hair so I turned off the blow dryer.  I asked her if she was just screaming to scream or if I was hurting her.  She said, "I'm just screaming to scream."

I took her to the mall yesterday and let her play in the play place.  Well, South Towne has this train that drives around the mall and they load and unload next to the play place, which is a brilliant idea for them.  She was dying to ride it but they only took cash and I only had my debit card.  She literally begged and begged.  I learned how hard it is to say no when your baby says, "please, please, please can I ride the train, Mommy?  Pllleeaasse?"

After we went to the mall I took her to the garden at Thanksgiving Point so we could see the waterfall.  She wasn't having a great time and neither was I.  It was pretty much a whine fest about any and everything.  One of the things she said was, " I want to go to the life garden!"  I tried to explain that there is no life garden.  I'm not sure if she meant life guard-en or life garden.  Either way, I still don't know where it came from.

When I tell her something she thinks is cool she says, "Oh my!"  Like today I told her she could wear her boots to the dentist.  "Oh my!"

Speaking of the dentist, she did so well.  Even the hygienist was surprised.  She was also surprised that Morgan knew what floss is because most kids her age don't.  Huh?  Don't other people floss their 3 year old's teeth?  No cavities!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


In case there is anyone who didn't see this on Facebook... here is a video of my awesome Mo Jo in the tub singing We Are Young.  It is one of her favorite songs.  She also loves Somebody That I Used to Know, the parody of that about Obama, I've Got a Feeling, and the one that is still her favorite, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I am now 28 1/2 weeks pregnant.  With a shot gun.  And a skirt.  

This is a picture of the beginning of my weekend.  We went to the annual Leamarado Days skeet shoot on Saturday morning.  I took third in the women's division.  Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.  If only I wasn't wearing shoes in this picture I would be way more awesome.  Did I mention that there were only 3 girls?  Ha!  Doesn't matter.  Third or last place, I still took home a medal.

I got to help my mom paint a room that she is completely redoing.  It is the guest room, which benefits me every time I sleep over there.  I steered her toward Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter and it is great!  This picture is the color, not the room.
 Described as the best paint color ever. Benjamin Moore revere pewter.

We got up and ran/walked a 5k on Monday morning.  I ran .2 miles and walked the rest.  My time was about 45 minutes... 21 minutes slower than last year.  It's okay though, I was carrying a baby and 15 extra pounds.  

Morgan found almost a dollar in the money sand box and took last in the 3-year-old race because she saw her aunt Shyanne on the side and stopped to hold her hand and say hi.  Ah, I love that girl.