Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Summer Things

We've had a great summer but I am ready for cooler weather (not cold-- never cold, but mild).
We have gone to Lucky Peak a couple of times. It seems like every time I put Morgan's life jacket on it makes her fall over and get stuck like a turtle on it's shell. Here is one of those times.
We like to play at the park with our friends. Morgan especially likes the big kids. This little girl wanted Morgan to ride on the same park thingy as her so I put them together. My favorite part of this day was when she said to her mom, "Mom, you should have brought your camera. I look really cute today."
We found a great little rocking chair for $1 at our neighbor's garage sale. The name, Beverly, is painted on it so it probably needs a new paint job (unless we name the next one Beverly), but I think it was a great find.
Morgan's favorite place to play is in our kitchen cupboards. She clears everything out and gets in.
I'm turning into a real Martha lately. I sewed a blanket for the humanitarian project for our ward, made salsa and three pies in one week.

Grandpa Ralph

We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend with Grandpa Ralph. It was his first time to visit us in Idaho and he spoiled us.
He took us to Toys R Us to find some things for Morgan and ended up buying a game for adults too (not to be confused with "adult games").Morgan wasn't afraid of him at all. In fact, she loved to sit on his lap and play Ladies Pace (a horse game on his knees). She even gave him kisses.
We went to Lucky Peak one day to play in the sand, but Morgan liked playing in the rocks better.

Thanks for coming, Grandpa Ralph. We miss you already!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Fun to Play in the Bathroom

Toys. We have tons of them. From dolls to blocks to cardboard boxes. But guess what Morgan's favorite thing to play with is...
The toilet bowl brush! This is where I found it today.

Another funny thing that happened today was when we were upstairs. She was playing and I was on the computer. I thought she was either in the play room or her bedroom, then I heard a slurping noise. Immediately I went over in my anything she could be drinking upstairs, which was nothing... except for toilet water. Sure enough, I ran to her bathroom and she was there, water all around the toilet and on the seat. She always does this thing where she puts her hand in water then brings her fingers to her mouth and slurps. That's what she was doing with the toilet water. Mmm.

Something to Think About

We were reading the Book of Mormon and got to the introduction of the wicked King Noah. The first thing it talks about is how he has many wives and concubines and let his people commit sin. The second thing it talks about is how he put a twenty percent tax on his people.

I would love to only pay twenty percent in taxes. Is that telling us something about our leaders? I'm just saying.