Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Guns and Girls

Last weekend I got to have a fun day out with some ladies at the shooting range.  We took a self defense class from Reliance Arms.  I shot a 1911?  1903?  1913?  Something that is kind of a big deal and starts at $3,000.  Good times.

I won a hat in the sniper challenge where we shot at the chest (target of a body) from 30 yards away.  I hit the side of the ear.  So the bad guy would have at least heard my bullet (but it was still the closest).

Thursday, May 15, 2014

And This Girl

Fun in the mud!

This Girl

I could take pictures of my kids all day long.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Morgan's Carnival State Fair Birthday Party

Morgan turned 5 this year and since 5 has been the Holy Grail of age numbers her entire life, we decided to go all-out.  The theme we chose was Morgan's Carnival State Fair.  I had a shop on Etsy make invitations, welcome sign, banner, etc. for it.  Unfortunately things were so busy the day of that I was not able to get pictures of everything all ready for the party but it was quite the party!

The kids received 5 tickets upon arrival and could earn 5 by taking a photo.  Then they could choose if they wanted to go play games and earn more tickets or spend their tickets on cupcakes, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, lemonade, toys, or the bounce house.  It worked out well over all, if I did it again I would hire some teenagers to be in charge of the booths.  It seemed like we ran out of adults.

Invitations: We invited over 30 kids!

The welcome sign hung in a frame on the front door.

When the kids arrived we tried to get pictures of them in the "photo booth" but after the first few it got crazy busy and some were left out.  

Emery and Shyanne

Emery, Tanner, Morgan, Meg

Emery, Morgan, Cora

Brianna, Eric
Chelsea, Megan
Memzelle, Julia

We rented a bounce house.  I was so excited that it was an elephant and went with the theme!

Some kids just played on the play place.

Thank goodness for my parents and their know-how with saws.  They bought me a Miter saw and made the ring toss just how I told them to. 

We had the fish pond in the hot tub.  It was actually full of ducks that had the number of tickets they won on the bottom.  The kids fished them out with a butterfly net.

I also got a jig saw so I made this cute balloon bean bag toss.  The smaller the hole, the more tickets the kids could win.

I had a super cool store full of dollar-store goodies where the kids could spend their tickets.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.


When it was all over, Tom and I got our chance to play.

But we are old.

It was such an awesome party.  Tom said the kids loved it (I didn't know because I was so busy and didn't see much).  Some of the parents were like, "oh, so this is what we have to live up to?"  Success. ;)