Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Loving Memory

Ruby Camille Rosequist Nielson, August 24, 1926 - June 24, 2010
We love you, Grandma! Go for a walk.

Friday, June 18, 2010

IM 70.3 Pics

pre racemy heat startingafter the swim -- aren't wetsuits flattering?biking in the windT-2running through a side ache
finishing!the volunteer is removing my chipI AM IRONMAN (70.3)

Monday, June 14, 2010 Screenshots

It's been two days and already my mind is starting to dull all of the pain from the race and I'm actually starting to think of some things that were fun. I still am sure I won't do it again though.

Here are some cool things I got from

This is an article that was on the day before the race. Hopefully you can click on it and it will enlarge but if it doesn't, at the bottom it talks about things that some people overcame to be there and one of them says, "Kelli Rich, 30, of Meridian Idaho, who is able to compete following a broken neck and paralysis." I will forever milk that story.

Here are my stats from the race.
Here is a list of my age group and our finishing stats. The girls that I started with were #'s 59, 64 and 67. I just found out that #64 thought she was going to beat me by a long way and she couldn't believe I would bike in running shorts. Um, like I know what I'm doing. I'm really not a triathlete. I am super excited that I beat her though.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lose 5 lbs In 8 Hours! -- Ironman 70.3 Results

The Boise Ironman 70.3 is now over and I'm sure you are dying to know how it went. Here is the list of events and thoughts that were running through my head...

7:00 am - I woke up but tried so hard to go back to sleep. Alas, I was too nervous to go back to sleep so got up and went to the bathroom for the 1st of 15 times. Yes, FIFTEEN times I peed before the event (I will refer to the Ironman as "event" instead of "race" because lets be honest, I wasn't racing to win but I was in it to finish).

I tried to eat but was so nervous that food was repulsive and I could only force myself to drink a fruit/veggie shake and eat a Powerbar.

11:00 - Tom and Morgan took me downtown to drop off my run transition bag at T-2 where the competitors finish the bike part and start the run. Then we drove to Lucky Peak where the event start was. We had to park at Sandy Point and walk about a half a mile up a graveled road to get to the start. I had my bike so my big, strong husband lugged it most of the way so it didn't run over any metal shards or goat heads and make the tire go flat.

I put my bike in T-1 (the swim to bike transition area) and walked with my family to view the swim course. It didn't look too bad and at that time there wasn't any wind and the temperature was nice. I thought it would be a great day for an Ironman.

I said goodbye to my husband and baby and told them I love them in case I died before I saw them again and they left. Then I found Jobecka and a couple of girls that she trained with. We started talking about our training and I realized that I probably could be better prepared physically since I hadn't gone swimming more than 2 times in 2 months. Like that mattered now, right. Basically I assumed that I would finish at least an hour after them but really I just wanted to finish before the time ran out.

1:00 - We all got in our heats and in line to start the race at 2:00 for the pros. We were in heat 10, I think it was the third to last heat and it was set to start at 2:33 pm.

2:00 - I lubed up my arms, legs and neck with petroleum jelly so the wetsuit would come on and off easily (relatively speaking) and not leave hickeys on my neck. I decided to swim in my bra and underwear so I could just throw on my clothes over them when the swim was over but I didn't think about changing out of my morning clothes into the wetsuit in front of thousands of people. There I was standing in my bikini brief whitie-tighties thinking, "I sure hope none of the 7 men from my ward that are doing this or their families can see me now."

2:30 - My heat was herded like cattle into the 60 degree water (a welcome temperature after standing in our wetsuits for so long in the heat) and at 2:33 we started the swim on time.

The Swim: The breast stroke counts, right? When I started swimming and getting kicked and not being able to breathe doing the front crawl I decided that it would be best to do 10 counts of the front crawl then do the breast stroke until I was ready again. I don't know if it's just me but it takes me about 1/3 of the swim to be able to catch my breath. Unfortunately at the 1/3 mark we turned a different direction and then the waves were the challenge. By then there were men from the next 2 heats passing and kicking me. I would get into the front crawl only to have a wave hit me when I was breathing so I'd get a lung full of water.

At the 2/3 mark I had to keep telling myself that I could do it. I'd done that length the week before at the same place and it wasn't bad. There was a girl next to me and we talked a little to each other (yeah, who talks during a swim?).

Finally I finished the swim! My time was 55:51 -- not as good as I'd secretly hoped but I was finished and I'd take it.

3:30 - I was being loaded with sunscreen by a volunteer and taking off my wet suit. I threw on my clothes and shoes and ran my bike to the exit. T-1 took 6:36.

The bike portion began going down a steep hill and I knew it was going to be a hard ride when I realized that the wind was now blowing so hard that I had to peddle to go down this steep hill when normally I would have to coast because I can't peddle that fast. I was right.

The first 25 miles was all fighting with the beastly wind. It was either a brutal headwind or blowing so hard on my side that it was a struggle to keep the bike upright some of the time. I was on mile 7 of the bike ride when the first pro man passed me going the other way. He was about 42 miles into it. By then I was still positive but by about mile 25 with the horrible wind I was saying my share of profanities to the wind (don't judge me -- you don't know how you'd deal with this situation until you're there). Then I'd say a prayer for help. I bet He loved that. My first prayer was that the wind would stop. When that didn't happen I started to pray for the strength to make it through. Finally I reached the turn around point that was not quite half way.

The next 5 miles were great because I had the tailwind pushing me. Then it was time for the hill and sharp left hand turn and the side wind again but I pushed my way through and started passing people. For the next 20 miles I passed quite a few people and that gave me more determination. At about mile 50 I passed one of the girls that I thought would beat me by an hour and that's when my competitive spirit kicked in. The "event" became a "race" because I was determined to beat her.

7:30-ish - After 4:01:13 I finally arrived at T-2. Tom, Morgan, Mari, Lenny, Meg and Tanner were there to greet me. It was so good to see their faces after that grueling bike ride. My T-2 time was 3:19.

Unfortunately I had a side ache during the end of the bike ride so I was concerned for the run. Running with side aches really stinks. In fact, it's hard for me to run at all with a side ache. That's basically what happened too. I had to walk quite a bit of the first 5 miles because this side ache turned into 4 side aches (2 upper, 2 lower) and wouldn't go away. By then I went from praying that if the side aches would go away I'd be so dedicated to my calling at church (negotiation with God) to "please help me to run through the pain."

It was almost mile 6 and I turned around (as the path took us). A couple of minutes later I saw Jobecka coming the other way. I was sure that this was her second lap and that she was almost finished. I was a little bummed because I had at least another hour to go.

When I got to the 2nd lap start (which was right by the finish line - something that they shouldn't do to the competitors) I passed Jobecka going to the finish line (or so I thought). Then she said to me "I'm going to catch up to you." That's when I realised that I was ahead of her! My first thought was, "okay, don't let her pass you," and I got my competitive kick again. My side aches weren't gone but I was able to run most of the second lap or last 6.55 miles at a pretty steady pace. By then it was dark though and there weren't a lot of contestants left on the running path. When I got just past the turn around point with about 2 miles to go, I passed Jobecka going the other way, still behind me. She said, "I'm still trying to catch you." I told her that I'd walk but she couldn't pass me (I really was having a hard time by then and I so needed to walk). I started walking with about a mile to go and a couple of minutes later Jobecka caught me. Now, as tired and exhausted as I was, I was not going to come in after her. She was going strong on the run and I kicked it in gear and ran with her. We were pretty much sprinting (what our bodies could do) that last 1/2 mile and we crossed the finish line at the exact same time. Okay, the whole time we were also saying how crappy it was and that we'd never do it again.

My run took 2:23:34 and my overall time was 7:30:33. I finished!!! A half Ironman!!! I'll never do it again but I finished!

Tom, Angela and her husband, Kim were at the finish line cheering me on. It was so good to see them and be done with being nervous and physically challenging my body.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre Race Jitters

The bike gods are not smiling upon me... Or maybe they are.

Today my bike was flat so after "athlete briefing" and "packet pickup" I took it to the bike shop to get a new inner tube. I told them it absolutely had to be ready by 5:00 so I could take it to Lucky Peak before 7:00 to check it in for the race. It was ready by 3:30 so I picked it up and took it to Lucky Peak by 5:50. When I got it out of the car I realized that the tire was flat again. Then I was the girl in the cell phone commercials moving around holding my phone in different positions to try to get one bar. I got the bar and called Tom. Then I called the bike place. They told me to bring it in but they close at 6:30. I -- oh, and I had Morgan with me -- put the bike back in the car and hurried as fast as I could (while obeying traffic laws) to get to the bike shop before close. I made it by 6:20 and the guy fixed the flat tire. I also decided to have him put on liners to help prevent goat heads from ruining my race. So he had to take the front tire off and do that. When he was all done and I was getting ready to pay, the front tire exploded. I mean BANG!!! with three exclamation marks and slime went everywhere. I was so glad it didn't happen in my car. The guy (we're so tight now I'll just call him Bob), Bob took the bike to the back and put on a new inner tube. As of an hour ago the bike was in good condition with no flats. So there you have it. That was my pre-race day experience. Like I said, either the bike gods were not smiling on me by doing all this nasty stuff today or they were smiling because it happened today and not tomorrow.

My bib number is 62 (yes, I am in there with the pros) so if there is a way to check and see where I am online at you can try to figure it out. I thought there was a way but I can't find it. If anyone wants to try it out (like you have nothing better to do) go ahead. The race starts at 2:00 mountain time. I think my heat starts at 2:45. I'm so so so nervous!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Gone

Four years ago I bought a house in Provo. It has been the house from real estate Hell for a long time. We have been trying to sell it for three years. Finally after thousands of dollars and oodles of stress, it's someone else's!

I found the realtor through Dave Ramsey's website under his endorsed local provider list. I normally don't do this but I am so happy that it is no longer ours that I wrote Dave an email. Here it is...

Hello Dave,

I want to thank you for having endorsed local providers because one of them really helped me and I wouldn't have been able to find him without you.

I purchased a home four years ago in Utah. I was single, had roommates and everything was great. Then I met my husband. When we got married I moved into the house that he owned and put mine up for sale while I continued to have tenants. After a year of no offers, the tenants moved out and we focused on selling it empty. We also changed Realtors on my house, sold his house and moved to Idaho.

This realtor was very negative about the house and couldn't sell it so about six months later we changed Realtors again. That time the realtor was confident but couldn't sell it either.

After another six months and thousands of dollars, we decided to try to rent it out again. The rental company couldn't rent it after six months of trying (although I wonder how hard they tried) so I contacted your ELP, Justin Schauers of Home Basics Real Estate in Utah. He and his company were fantastic!

I hired him in December and he tried to sell the house for a month. When it wasn't getting any bites he asked if I'd like to rent it to someone that his company found. I was so ready to have someone else pay the mortgage and had no confidence that my house would sell so of course I said yes.

The renter was in the house through April until he had some bad luck and had to move out. At that time, Justin suggested putting the house back on the market. I agreed and within a few weeks we had an offer -- the first offer in three years with four Realtors!

We finally closed on it last week and we are that much closer to being debt free! Yeah! Thanks Justin and thanks Dave.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Love You, Mom!

My mom is the best. She planned this trip to Boise for my little sister and some of our cousins that are her age. It was an "out of school" trip and she had planned on taking them ice skating and to Boondocks and letting them swim in our pool, etc. The night before they left she threw her back out but still made the 6 hour drive with 5 little girls. They got here and it rained pretty much every day. The pool was freezing (because there's no way we're paying $500/month to heat it) but they still went ice skating and to Boondocks -- my mom took them even though her back was killing her.

I took her to the chiropractor a couple of times and had a Dr. call in an Rx for her but she finally gave up and asked that we take her home. Today we drove them half way and my aunt met us to take them the rest of the way. My mom felt bad that she had ruined my week or something.

Mom, you are so great. It was fun just to watch Medium with you. You can babysit Morgan next time :) and I bet our pool will be warm. We didn't even mind the little girls (as annoying as they can be) staying with us. They were really wonderful with Morgan. So anyway, don't feel bad. I am actually sorry that I didn't do more to help. I love you!

6 Days to Ironman 70.3

If you blogstalk me (kidding -- but I totally blogstalk a bunch of people) you might remember that I am doing a half Ironman next Saturday. I started a separate blog for that but it was way to boring to continue to update. Anyway, I have been training for this sucker for a while -- like 5 months -- and it's finally here! Yesterday I had Tom take me to Lucky Peak (the reservoir where the swim will happen) so I could get a feel for the water. I had my wetsuit on all snugly and uncomfortably and took off just as the YMCA group was finishing. I got in the water and my feet and hands went numb in the 57 degree wetness. I started swimming but didn't dare put my face in the water. Why? Because I didn't want to see a fish. I don't know what it is about being in the water alone but I swear the littlest carp would have been the Jaws equivalent in my little head. Oh, don't worry about me being alone in the water and drowning. My wetsuit is buoyant. I tried it out. I just went vertical in the water (that was too deep to touch bottom) and I didn't sink. So I guess that means that as long as I propel myself forward for the 1.2 mile swim I will finish. But I'll be honest. I'm very nervous. Oh, I also didn't put my face in the water because it was too cold. Who likes a numb face?

After the swim I rode my bike home (21 miles). I'm feeling confident in the bike ride. Not that I'll be fast but I think with enough Ibprofen I'll make it to the run transition within 4 and 1/2 hours. Hopefully I'll have a lot of adrenaline and be able to do it a lot faster... okay, even a little faster. This time I have a road bike, not a mountain bike, which will help with speed.

I got home and fed Morgan, grabbed a Rx for my mom (who was then visiting with my sister and some cousins but that is another story) and ran 4 miles. I was feeling pretty good during the run. If only I'll feel that good during the 13.1 of the race after the 56 mile bike and 1.2 mile swim. I'd love to finish in under 7 hours but I'll be happy to finish before the time runs out, which, I think, is 8 1/2 hours.

Boise Zoo

When we have company I get so behind on blogging (but that's okay Company! I'd rather have you than blog anyway).
While Nick and Carly were here last week we took Morgan to the zoo. She is at the age where she is just starting to notice animals and look to where I'm pointing.
I tried to get good pictures so I could make a book for her (Morgan at the Zoo) but zoo animals are so boring. They need to throw some gladiators in the lion cage or something. Needless to say, the pictures aren't the best, most action packed pictures around.
You might think that a good mom doesn't put bum pictures on her blog but I am a good mom and this was too funny not to.